I had an idea that I presented to the school board last week after a long conversation with mental health.  Actually, I sent the letter to the school board trustees of the Waterloo Region.  It contained our experience, as a family, and my idea.

Anyway, long story short, the superintendant contacted me and we discussed the possibilities talking about the past incident with my daughter’s previous principle, counselling and mental illness.  I stated to her, what’s done is done and it’s time to move forward, but what we must focus on now is that this form of bullying doesn’t happen again, or at the very least be minimized.

She put on the brakes there.  She had no more desire to talk about bullying, than I wanted to talk about shoe polish.  She then proceeded to reprimand me for using names in my letter and patronized me about being a responsible parent.  She then proceeded to say to refrain further dialog directly the Waterloo Region Board of Trustees, but to direct all communication to her.

I made a comment about the fact that IF I made those harsh comments to a co-worker, and they tried to do something to themselves, I’d be fired on the spot.    Her response was “Well we must consider that these are children who’s minds aren’t fully developed.”   I nearly fell over at the ignorance.  Bullying should never be tolerated…undeveloped brain or not.
After our very strange conversation, I sent her an email about wanting things in writing, and also informing her that I was concerned about her comment about “Young mind’s not being developed”  and how unacceptable it was.

Her response was:
Hi Trina,

Thanks for your email Trina. I enjoyed speaking with you this morning. I wish you and your family the best. If I can be of assistance to you in the future please do not hesitate to contact me.


Well, wasn’t that a kick in the horse’s ass.  I always hated grinning and nodding, but to get it in an email is also another smack in the ass.

My husband and I discussed this at length, and I’ve decided to write about it and then shut up.  Why?  Simply said, why try to beat the system?

I have given up my job, my daughter has lost her self esteem, gained weight, and her wonderful shine and spirit has disappeared (hopefully it will come back).

I think we’ve lost enough and the bully has witnessed ultimate victory.  I raise my flag and claim defeat.  If you can’t get the school board’s support, then who else is there?

Good going!

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