Since my youth, I was raised a Conservative.  However, I have always chosen the light and amusing conversations over politics in my adult life.

As Grandma always said, never discuss politics, sex, or religion if you want to keep friendships.  However, around election time it’s very different.

As you will see in my blog, last year I was very agitated with the Conservative Party when they pulled the ecoEnergy Program.  They basically took my bread and butter off my table, not once, but twice since 2004.

With this mixed emotion thought process, I learned many lessons in life.

My professional demise was a mixed blessing.  I was asked, by a group of my peers in the renovation industry. to talk to CTV Newsnet about the termination of the program.  This provided a new experience and my new found hobby of exploring different venues of media.

Professionally, I had frustrations finding the right job due to the recession, but eventually, I found the job of dreams and I’m happier than ever. Realistically, it was a harsh lesson;  Government programs will run their course, and a person has to be financially stable in order to take the risk when accepting a job within these programs.  

Today, I comprehend why they eliminated the program.  ecoEnergy was such a success that it exceeded the budget announced only a month before the termination of the program.

Furthermore, incentive programs always have an ultimate goal to achieve, whether they are launched the by the government, school, or a corporate company.  Typically, it is to create a new mindset from the people who are participating. ecoEnergy was not successful in this respect as energy efficient renovations have dropped dramatically in Canada.  This proves that Canadians understood the concept of the rebates offered, but they did not grasp the ultimate message of the ecoEnergy Program, which is an energy efficient home saves greenhouse gases.

If I been more educated on Government Programs, I wouldn’t have been on Newsnet pleading to the Government to reinstate the program to save my job.  We all need to educate ourselves on the party platforms for this election.  We need to recognize that some of the promises made will not see the light of day.  It’s all about educating ourselves to feel confident that we voted on a party who will work the hardest on behalf of the people. 

As of today, I will not be writing about the Election on my blog as I have been selected as a Volunteer Blogger with CBC Community.  I am so excited about this venture as it provides an opportunity that I have never taken on before.  The opportunity to open my ears and listen to the political thoughts and opinions of my community and write about it.

I encourage all Canadians, young and old, to research the party platforms.  Ask questions to make an educated vote rather than the popular vote.  All in all, I encourage everyone to get out there and vote!

For all those in Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo, if you have a question you want answered, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to assist you to the best of my ability.  I also want to hear your views and I’m open to discussion any time.

I will post the CBC Community Blog Website tomorrow when it is launched so family, friends and followers can enjoy the many perspectives about Election 2011 across Canada.

Until then, keep on, keepin on and vote wisely.

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