I’m absolutely tickled pick that I won a Blackberry Playbook.  I’ve been thinking about a Pad of some sort for a long time now.  I decided to give my Playbook a good going over before I posted a review.  As with politics, I like my review to be fair and balanced.
What I love about my Playbook
  •  High Quality HD Video.  Take a look at how much my dog loves it!  Well I love it more.  Here I come Much Music Video Awards and the Toronto Film Festival.  I’m ready to Video Blog (or just blog) for any of the entertainment sponsors out there!
  • The Music Store, I was able to import all of my ITunes and purchase new ones on my Playbook.
  •  The ability to see who’s phoning me on my Blackberry when it’s in the kitchen! Love it that most of the time I can stay on the couch and not answer it.
  • I love how light it is and it fits in my purse (I just have to remember to stop dropping my purse just anywhere though)

Things I have yet to figure out

  • How to successfully recharge it.  A manual would have been nice.  When I plug it in, two hours later I expect a full battery.
  • What’s the best way to turn it off.  The button or the Power Off icon.
  • How to access my Blackberry’s internet when I’ve just come from doing an interview at CBC Toronto about Election 2011.  Hello, I was standing behind Peter Mansbridge’s desk….I wanna see it immediately in High Quality HD Playbook Action!
  • CBC App doesn’t promote their Your Take Bloggers (no fault of Blackberry)
  • Not loving the apps I’m finding thus far but it’s only the beginning.
  • Get my ITunes movies to play on the Playbook.  Damn, and I have the whole collection of Austin Powers just waiting for high quality tablet action.

The only time I used my Ipod Touch this week.

  • Just before bedtime, I like a good game or two or twelve of Scrabble.  Come on Blackberry, you have it on your phone, get it on the Playbook (like yesterday)
  • Angry Birds.  Blackberry, I don’t care if you create Angry Blackberries…just give me a slingshot and some crazy green characters and I’ll be happy.

 All in all, I’m very pleased with my Blackberry Playbook.  I thank Blackberry again for the wonderful party hosted in Toronto last week.   It took my mind off some very heavy issues that I’m facing.  Yes, this does include writing about the Election and more.

I would recommend this product for business and personal use. 

@blackberry ….Now that I’ve given you a raving review, where’s my interview that I did last week?  I need to promote you and I together.  We will never be apart!

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