Hubby Loves his Sony Playstation

With all the flurry between Easter, Bin Ladin’s death, the Canadian Election, the Royal Wedding, there hasn’t been much said about the Sony Playstation breach.  Perhaps I haven’t been paying close attention either.

Pft, and in 2008 or 2009, I was worried about my stupid Airmiles points.  That was nothing compared to this.

Despite the fact that Sony has not made us aware of anything further about the breach, our network access still isn’t activated.  Should I be worried?  Is my account one of those that has been targeted?  Should I be watching my credit card statements for the next year because I bought a few Lady Gaga songs for Rock Band?

I’m just appauled that a huge corporation like Sony could allow this to happen.  You would figure that after the Airmiles fiasco, our corporate guru’s would take extra special precaution on behalf of their users.

If I buy online, I use PayPal.  It is the only source that I trust and the only company I will give my information to.  If a website doesn’t offer PayPal then I’ll pass on making a purchase. However, since I trusted Sony because of its name, I used my credit card and they have breached my confidence in them.

I do not know if I’ll allow my family to get back online.  If I do, there will be no purchases made going forward unless it’s a Playstation Network giftcard.  

Sony has lost a dedicated customer as every piece of electronics that we own is Sony (besides the speakers).  

It’s too bad, that with rumours swirling, Sony has not been very communicative with its customers. 

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