There’s nothing like being a mother….but there’s nothing like being a kid honouring your mother.  I remember the days where I created pieces of art and cards for my mom. The feeling of pride that I had when I gave her these special gifts was better than anything else.

As a Mom, I miss those days of creative masterpieces from my children as well.  They were so excited to get me out of bed to present their treasures to me.  Now I have teenagers and those days are long gone.  (Sigh)

As my husband and children were preoccupied with their own issues today, I was hurting inside.  Yeah, quite possibly a little selfish however, I guess I was that way as well as a teenager.  Our preoccupation with our lives over ruled any family affair as well.  A simple gift did the trick.

I realize just how, as a Mom, I will go the extra mile to make any occasion festive.  A birthday isn’t just a day, but a weekend extravaganza.  I have the creative ideas and know just what they want without even asking.  

I don’t think that this special gift or intuition actually takes effect until you become a Mom.  A gift no Father can ever receive.

I guess that childlike bliss of honouring your Mom diminishes in time, but the love is always there.  The creativity dwindles in time, and the art is stored in a memory box for reminising.  I guess, over time, us Mom’s just contend with a BBQ or Restaurant and a few gifts.  We appreciate it as their way of honouring the best way they know how.

I’ve never been about the gifts, but the art of surprise.   I’ve never been materialistic, but enjoy the small things in life.  I guess being a Mom makes us a force to be reckoned with when it comes to honouring those special people in our lives.
So tonight, I want to thank my Mom for the wonderful magic that she created for my family….for me.  I don’t think anyone in this world will ever have the intuition into my world as she did.

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