As I watch my friend, who has been touched with brain cancer, come home after five days of aggressive chemotherapy I stand in awe.

I have yet to meet a person on this earth as strong and courageous as her.  Seeing her plant her garden like nothing is wrong with her astounds me.  Hearing her talk like this situation is a walk in the park provokes me to stand back and evaluate those who I surround myself with.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” -Oprah

This amazing one hundred pound woman has changed my whole outlook on life.  Even though she doesn’t know it she has taken me to a higher level of being.  Life is now, not tomorrow, or next week.

Why fret over the small stuff?  Tomorrow you may have to deal with big stuff.
Why fret over the bills? There’s always a solution.
Why fret over the job you hate? Keep looking for the dream.

It’s all irrelevant if we’re not surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up.  It’s all irrelevant if we’re not living our best life.

We can live our dreams.  We can be our true self….if we only open up and give life a chance.

Next time you say, “if only I could” simply get up and just do it…one does not succeed with our dreams lurking in our head without action.

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