I recently returned to my grassroots of Gaspe, Quebec for a family funeral.  Kudos to my sister in law and her husband’s family as it was a beautifully orchestrated celebration of life.
The service was given by Reverend Jason Pollick, a new young minister who has been in Gaspe for a very short time.  I informed the person sitting beside me, just how impressed I was with his truthful presentation and warmth.  She informed me that they would be losing him soon due to a few women in the parish.
Without getting into detail, his ideas presented (on behalf of the Bishop of Quebec) made economical sense.  Everybody should understand that running a parish is a business and one must take steps to make it a viable business to assist the community where it requires assistance.  Why waste money on on heating several churches with only a handful of attendees every Sunday, when one can have one church with many attendees?
As Donald Trump would say, it’s not personal, it business….even with the church.

Some people reflected that this is small town mentality.  However, after much thought, I’ve come to realize that it has nothing to do with small town mentality but the lack of leniency to change and the driven desire of control.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in small town Gaspe or in the financial district in Toronto, there is always someone who is driven to control the people and situation that surrounds them.  Take heed Gaspesians as living in Southwestern Ontario, the word “ME” is used much more than “US”.

It has nothing to do with lack of education, but lack of common sense.  Those who control, lack common sense because they have to be right all of the time.  Control leads to resentment from other’s and in the end, the resentment is so strong that one must just throw in the towel and give up.

Why do controllers win?  Well, simply put we allow it.  How can we prevent it rather than seeing the controlled leaving and proclaiming defeat?  We look must look control in the eye and state loud and clear that we are not going to take it.  In fact, ostracizing those people is not a rude thing to do but a necessity.

Recently, here in Ontario, I have been controlled.  However, the time has come and I simply stated.  Sorry, if you enjoy your head spinning and controlling everything, then kudo’s to you.  However, you’ve been through many people and my life isn’t to have my head spinning but dancing with glee. So in order to have me, you have to change your thinking.  So far…..it’s worked.  With that said, I do see a day where I will throw in the towel too.

Life’s not about control but about dancing to the music with all those around you.  In a town of Gaspe, where beauty and serenity is prevalent, you would think one should know this.

So Reverend Jason, the little I’ve seen of you, I truly believe that you would have been an ideal minister for this parish.   So I have to say this.

To those who has caused the demise of yet another minister in Gaspe Quebec. Shame on you.  Control can only drive you insane over time.  Control does nothing to benefit those around you.  Control is toxic and since you’ve been poisoned so greatly, you do not see the extreme loss that many of your fellow parishioners are feeling today.  I pray for you.

I send you prayers in hopes that the desire to control will not spew down to your children and grandchildren.  I hope they learn from your control and become better people.  People who were put on this earth to serve.

Please note: That these words are strictly my own thoughts about this situation and any other situation involving control and despair.  I choose stand up for what’s right in this world and will not be discriminated upon.

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