Ah, to think of the Macho Man brings me back to the days of Father and Daughter moments.  We were both avid wrestling fans.  I remember dreaming of being the lovely Elizabeth and how crazy she was for being with someone so ugly.  I used to wonder why she would always hold the ropes for him?

Today, when it was announced first on TMZ, I was taken back to my younger years.  Things were good then.  Television shows were on like clock work.  Wrestling on Saturday, Dukes of Hazard on Friday at 8pm, and then you wouldn’t move because Dallas started at nine.  From September to May, there wasn’t a repeat.  You never had to think of just how many episodes were in their contract and whether this week would be a repeat or not.

Television was as reliable as supper time. (Which isn’t just a 5 o’clock gathering anymore either).

As television changed, so did wrestling.  It got bigger, but not necessarily better.  The dolls of Macho Man and Hulk Hogan were taken off the shelves.  Television actor’s negotiated bigger deals so the series had to adjust their scheduling.  Life, as we knew it, became full of time constraints and deadlines.

Yes, the eighties were great.  I remember my parent’s on the weekend sitting back, having a drink and enjoying life.  Life was as slow as molasses (which was also good with toast and velveeta cheese).

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage.  May you, as the 80’s, find peace in the afterlife.

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