Ah the last day of Oprah’s last national broadcast and where will you be?

I will be tuning in.  For the past four years, I haven’t watched Oprah every day.  I have not been a follower of Oprah’s daily life journey.

However, I receive her daily emails and read them faithfully, if they apply to me.  I quote Oprah’s words because I believe that they are possible, even when things look impossible from afar.

I continued to believe in the little chubby African American woman who courageously pushed through any prejudice to become the most powerful woman in the world.

Oprah Winfrey has been a staple in my life but not because of her celebrity, but her journey.   I’ve seen her at her heaviest, I’ve seen her at her skinniest, I’ve seen her through times where I knew (albeit through the television) that she was struggling.  She’s seen me through my darkest days and has encouraged me to dust off and get back up again.

I’ve seen her turn into this most beautiful woman despite her faults.  I’ve seen it as self acceptance for who she is.  In that moment, her beauty started to radiate as each day passed.  She’s seen me through days where my weight and self esteem has thrown me down the proverbial cliff and left me feeling alone and scared.

I’ve seen her as the outspoken loud mouth, that I’ve so often been called.   I’ve seen her as the listener who looks deep into the eyes of her guests.  I make it point to do this to everyone I come in contact with.  Looking in someone’s eyes when they speak is a true gift.

She’s has taught me that it doesn’t matter if you’re number one in a stranger’s world, just as long as I can make an impact in one person’s life.

I’ve said this before, that I’ve always considered myself the Caucasian Oprah.  I do not want the celebrity, but I’m always willing to share my truth.   I do it with my kids, my husband, my friends, and even strangers.  I do it because this is what I am on this earth for.  It is my calling and it took me thirty eight years to realize this.

I dress with dignity now.  I dress to make myself feel good.  I’m proud of who I have become.  I have a smile on my face, however, there is a touch of hypocrisy in my smile.  I try not to show my negative attributes.  Oprah has that gift too and for me that’s OK. Not even a celebrity has to share their full bag of dirty laundry to share their truth.

Oprah, even though you will not be on television every day, you will always be a guiding voice in my mind.  Non judgemental, forever motivating, and kind.   I hope that one day, I can reach the level of self acceptance as you have.  No money in this world can buy that wonderful attribute that you now possess.

So I say goodbye to one chapter of your life, that we’ve shared together, but I’m sure that through your channel we will be seeing you again and again.

God Bless, Take Care and know that you’ve touched a Canadian Girl’s (now woman) heart more than you’ll ever imagine.


After writing this post, I went home for lunch.  I received my acceptance letter from a local college for Journalism Broadcast.  In the spirit of Oprah, I don’t know how I’m going fund this dream of mine, but I’m going to accept it and pray that riches will come to embrace this dream.


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