XConnect is a thirdocean project that is designed to explore how the relationship between a specific industry (X) has been and is being affected by technology. XConnect Show (previously the Social Media Show) will bring to us, Toronto’s biggest players in Fashion.

Today, XConnect interviewed Aditya Shah from Loose Button.  As you know, I am Loose Button’s biggest fan and I am very familiar with their marketing of beauty supplies.  The concept of Loose Button is to get the best brands from around the world and provide it to consumers worldwide, without a exorbitant shipping cost.

An unusual name in fashion, the brand name Loose Button derives from the idea that buttons are fasteners, and the owner’s of Loose Button wanted to fasten people with fashion brands around the world.

Passion for worldwide fashion is what has makes Loose Button successful today.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Loose Button, let me fill you in.  It is an e-commerce company that provides consumers the opportunity to try worldwide cosmetics and beauty supplies for a flat monthly fee.  The product initiative is called Luxe Box.  There is obviously a larger picture for Loose Button, but so far it’s working well.

I enjoyed the radio show, but I kept checking to see if someone was messaging me on Skype.  I believe that those sounds were coming from the audio stream.  Aside from that, the interviewer Karim (sorry if it is spelled incorrectly as I cannot find you online) was well spoken and held a terrific interview.   As a fashion lover, I was engaged and will be listening to XConnect’s audio/video stream again.

I believe Loose Button was an ideal choice to leverage XConnect’s FashionConnectTO and their relaunch online via video/audio stream.

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Additional information about Loose Button

To learn more about Luxe Box and Loose Button, visit http://www.loosebutton.com/

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