Frumpy me and my daughter…will look better tomorrow!

After sleeping outside on the streets of Toronto to experience a #fail attempt of Much Music Wristbands….My daughter and I are heading to Toronto tomorrow!  We won passes to the Broken Heel Diaries Celebrity Gifting Suite for the Much Music Video Awards!

Soooo cool.  I think the best part for me is meeting the bloggers who are hosting the event.  Well, as everyone should know by now, there’s no way I’ll fit into the likes of Bench or Marc Jacobs….but it IS Father’s Day Sunday….and I’m away.

The best thing for me is getting out there and meeting people!  For my daughter, of course, it’s the swag and celebrities (who am I kidding, so am I).  So we really did win the best of both worlds!

I wish my husband was willing to relocate to Toronto as I missed so many opportunities this weekend.  Realistically, I will promote for free, but when I’m making three or four trips to Toronto, unfortunately, choices have to be made.  And then…this happened and it’s absolutely wonderful!

So get ready, get set, for a stupendous blogging weekend followers!!  I’m going to try my best to work all of my gadgets to keep it real time.  These are the events I live to blog for!  Too Old for MUCH or not…I’m there!

Next on the list, Wristbands….or VIP….who knows?????  All I know is that I can’t wait for my daughter to meet you @casiestewart!!! and maybe a little GAGA!

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