Sure, there’s nothing more that I’d love to do (other than interviewing George Clooney or Colin Firth at TIFF) than blog for you at the MMVA’s!

However, watch out!  I’m not your typical blond hair, skinny lil, youngin….

so what if they be singing….

Ask me if I care?  Not FCKU’in likely!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a fat rockin mama who knows when to keep her mouth shut in the company of young girls.  As well, a mama who knows when it’s time to pop out an inpromtu statement for the youngin’s to look around and think “Wow, this is a pretty cool mom!”

  • Great Singer (who can belt out any tune of today)
  • Great Personality
  • Great Marketer (Just sold out a social media event where social media is almost NON-existent)
  • Great with Celebs when having a drink as they are people first.  I won’t go GOO GOO over GAGA if given the chance
  • Vast knowledge of music and fashion!
  • SUPER with this generation of Teenagers!  I’m reverting myself back in time because I had a hubby and kids WAY too early.
Thirty Five plus people unite!  It’s time to bring back the Old (GASP!  Bite your Tongue) in Rock and Roll.
So who’s that chick?  It’s ME, Trina Stewart, at your disposal for the weekend of the MMVA’s.
(Geez, sometimes I even laugh at myself for pulling out all the stops as you should see me at work!!!)
Hey if Whoopi, Oprah, Rosie, and Aretha can do it……then why the hell can’t I?

RT Livin the Dream with @Trina_Stewart.  Yes, they can come to surface!”

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