Grrr…teenagers can cause so much angst.  They are impressionable, emotional, and undependable.  They literally suck the life out of the home.

Don’t get me wrong, my kid’s are REALLY good.  Thus far, no drugs, no drinking, and no calls from the high school about being disruptive.  However, as the quotes goes “We take our problems out on those we love”, teenagers are no different.  In fact, I think it was probably a teenager who said it first.    My teenage analogy is that the terrible two’s are back but the whining is a whole lot louder and much more irritating.

Tonight a few simple questions resulted in an all out battle of the minds, where my mind slowly shook my head and gave up.  So tired….fatigued.

I guess, even with teenagers, we must choose our battles wisely.  As well, we must remember…what ever appears to be a molehill to us, may be a huge mountain to them.

God Speed teenagers…

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