The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Canada Day

It was a pleasure to watch Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, roaming the crowded Rideau Hall to meet and greet fellow Canadians on Canada Day.   They were welcomed like rockstar’s, where Facebook and Twitter were a flutter with pictures of the happy couple. 

It was a momentous event.

However, their welcome in Montreal was no so inviting when protestor’s joined revellers to degrade the arrival of the Royal Duo.  “Abolish the monarchy”, they cried.

WTF???  I view the visit of Will and Kate as more of a Pop Culture phenomenon rather than taking them to task on past historical events or personal views of the Monarchy.

I have somewhat backed off of the Royals since Diana’s death, but I have kept abreast of Will and Kate.  William does work hard to serve.  He has followed along the charitable footsteps of his mother and serve’s for his country daily.  He’s a young gentleman that the monarchy, England, and humanity should be proud of. 

Welcome to Canada!  We hope to see you return….just maybe Quebec, despite it’s beauty, the blissful smell of salt water, and the wonderful atmosphere, will not be an option next time.

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