Call me obsessive or a freak, but this 38 year old woman has a problem!  Call the DOCTOR!

Why is it that when a particular event is happening something stirs inside of me like a sleeping lion awakening to see a big steak outside its cage?

Again, like the Juno’s, I want to go to the Much Music Video Awards.  I see all of these blogger’s writing about something and THIS is what I want to write about!  It’s like I can feel it, taste it, but I’m doing something wrong in order to achieve it!  Or am I?

I’ve already made plans to sleep Thursday night this week to see if I can snatch a wristband!  Whether I’ll follow through on this is completely dependant on my daughter and the humidity.  This poor little fat girl can’t sit on a street at 40 degrees.  Or can I?

How bad do I want it?  Want what?
How hard will I try?  For what?

As neurotic as it sounds, I was born to do this.  Do what?   The only thing I can surmise is that I want to be out there!  Not a celebrity, but part of the hype.  I’m a party girl just waiting for the opportunity to go big and then go home!

Hell I’ve even got a hair appointment on stand by (a full cut, colour, the works) just in case I’m selected by someone out there to blog for them.  Sigh………how to achieve this goal is the question?

I can write til the cow’s come home on this blog about fashion, music, award shows and concerts, but it’s like I’m speaking to myself.  Does any other blogger out there feel this way or is my expectations from this simple little blog a little too high?

I’ve even done this which never in a million years would I ever imagine myself going to such lengths for a contest!  It’s a story of all of my celebrity, concert, and fashion escapades over the past two years!  I’m not really impressed with the whine in my voice at the end…I’m not a whiner. (99% sure that i wasn’t chosen and that’s ok)

All in all though, home is my blog.  A place where I can be silly, serious, sad or joyous.  This is ME, full frontal (and thank GOD it’s not a video blog!)

So again, thank you for being my virtual outlet so my family doesn’t have to put up with my extreme antics all of the time.

I’m signing off now so I can go and make a video for Ellen, as I think she needs a rep at the MMVA’s this year.  She’ll love uniqueness of an the outdoor award show.   If that fails…..there’s always GAGA..I’m her chubby little monster.

One thing for certain, when I’m this hyped, my reader’s always get something…even if it is a distance shot.

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