Amy Winehouse Found Dead at her London Flat on July 23, 2011

Life is too good to throw away.  So true.  After a disastrous performance and cancelled European tour, Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her London Flat.  The police has released the cause of death as unexplained at this time.

Has another fabulous artist been bitten by the addiction of drugs?  Such as shame as it’s not the person, it’s the addiction that runs their day to day life.

My brother was addicted to drugs (prescription drugs) for over 20 years before he was found dead in bed.  It’s a horrible thing for family and friends to comprehend.

All I can say is that I loved her music and her ambition to be herself.  She was the British version of GAGA expressing herself in her own creative way.

Everyone goes through a downward spiral in life and it takes great courage to move ahead and not look back.   It takes great strength not to succumb to live’s evils when you are in a celebrity position.

RIP Ms. Winehouse, my thoughts, prayers, and sympathies are extended to your family.  I’ve been there and it’s a horrible shame.

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