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I’ve always been involved in social media.  From ICQ to MSN, to Facebook and Twitter, I’ve always had a venue for online communication.   However, the differentiation between the three and Twitter is enormous.

Once upon a time, I only had friends and family on my social networks.  Twitter allowed me to express my passion for Canadian Events, anti-bullying, and children’s safety.  It also allowed me a venue to advertise the thoughts I share on my blog.  People could either take it or leave it.

I realize most of my followers were generated from my Toronto Film Festival adventures.  At one time, people would follow me to find out where the celebs were in Toronto at any given moment.  Not anymore as I realize that there are many people out there that work their butts off trying to nab a photo or an autograph; including us!

As well, Twitter has alloted me the opportunity to write for CBC News during the election and attend events that I would never imagine myself invited to.  However, it happened and it was great.  I also realized that during this journey that there is nothing I want more than to be a journalist.   I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up via Twitter.

Yes, Twitter is a very narcissistic venue where there are few listeners unless their ears are perked.  Many are just on it for their business, who don’t grasp the concept that being engaging about everything and anything can bring in clients.  I am proof! I’ve had six new potential clients in the past four months.

A woman recently asked me “Why would I want to talk to you about favorite Toronto Hotels to help you get to TIFF, when I sell clothing?”….hmmmm because not only do I go to TIFF and stay at hotels, but I do buy clothing as well.

Alas, cheers to Twitter for bringing out the best and worst of me!  There are times where one must air all out their dirty laundry to get over the bump in the road to living the good life.

It’s happened to me, so it can happen to YOU!

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