Like it or not people, Casey Anthony is officially released from jail today.

I’ve seen many twitter posting’s requesting the assistance of fictitious character, Dexter Morgan, to take care of business and seek justice for 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.

Honestly, there would be nothing more that I’d want to see is a news update that there was jury fraud and the case had to be retried because that’s the only way she will ever be libel to face these charges!  She’s a free woman.

With that said, I do not wish anyone to cause her harm.  I’ve been a firm believer in never wishing ill will on anyone, because it will happen to you instead.  I also believe in karma and that one day, she will meet her maker.  We are not judge nor jury, those two parties have spoken.  We have no right, as civilians, to harm or even harass her. 

I think we all know or believe the truth.  I believe the media will always shove that bitter sword of guilt into her guts.  She WILL ultimately live a life of hell if she did commit this injustice.

My final words on this case is that I wish her well in the world.  It’s a tough place for the simple Joe Carpenter or Jane Secretary.  I pray that she does not sensationalize or profit from her journey.  If she respects the memory of her daughter, she should never choose to profit from it.

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