Casey Anthony reacts after the jury acquitted her of murdering her daughter, Caylee, during Anthony's murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, July 5, 2011. (AP / Red Huber)

I recall when my children were three.  They loved to hide in the clothing racks at Wal-Mart.  Losing them for 30 seconds was enough to put me in a frenzy.  However, a jury of twelve decided that not reporting your child missing for 31 days wasn’t enough to convict Casey Anthony.

Seriously, I don’t know how I feel about this.

There’s a little bit of outrage.  I feel like this factor alone couldn’t have made me believe anything but guilt.

There’s a little bit of doubt. I think she had something to do with it, but yes, I feel the parent’s ultimately muddied the prosecution’s case.  I don’t think I could have given her the opportunity to never be charged of this again.  I think I would have been the hung juror.

There was a flash of pity.  When Casey first started to cry,after the verdict of not guilty of first degree murder was read, I thought I seen a touch of innocence.  However, then again, she is a compulsive liar and I’m an old softie.

One thing for certain, my mother was right when she said, it doesn’t matter if you lie to me, God always knows.

Nonetheless,perhaps no one will pay for this crime while on this earth.  It may possibly be hell on earth for her, but we, as society, are not judge nor jury.  She has been found not guilty.  We have no right to persecute her, but I certainly want to but won’t.  At the end of the day, the guilty party will always pay; whether it is another incident in life or on their own judgement day.

The greatest gift that anyone can bring forward now is the truth.  The truth about what happened to Caylee.  Honoring her innocent life by renouncing the truth.

It would be a very solemn day if it was proven that Casey did kill her daughter and there would be no way that the judicial system could try her in a court of law for this incident again.  It is my considered opinion is that this is where we fail as a society.  You should always be accountable for your misdeeds in life.

This jury of 12 could be wrong.

This prosecution could have made mistakes.

However, there may come a day where the smoking gun is revealed….

and it will be much too late.

Instead of outrage, society must move forward and convince themselves that the jury did follow the rules and regulations placed before them by the State of Florida.  Ultimately, they were obliged to follow the procedures of the judicial system.

However, let’s not forget.  Let’s say a prayer for the biggest loser in this whole three-year ordeal.

The sweet, big eyed, innocent three-year old child – Caylee.

Let’s pray that the decision today was the truth for Caylee – only Caylee

Say a prayer, light a candle, for Caylee

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