It’s very humourous my decision to slowly wean myself off social media.  Realistically, I admire those who are tweeting a lot and getting no where.  I admire those who strive to be better individuals without a hope in hell of ultimate success, no matter how much they tweet and post things to Facebook.  “Fitting in” via social media requires specific criteria- much like high school.

To point out one example, there is a woman who provides financial savings tips, on Facebook and Twitter.  She has many blog posts and applied to write for Moneysense Magazine earlier this year.   Unfortunately she wasn’t chosen, but those who were chosen NEVER blogged prior to this. ….make sense of that????  In my eyes, this woman was an obvious choice because she brought up her children living on a dime.

I too, applied for H&M Fashion blogger.  Now, realistically, I’m much too fat to be a H&M Fashion blogger. I did it to come out of my shell and I loved me for it!  However, the person chosen as the MMVA fashion blogger had a blog since May 2011, a hand full of tweeters, and no facebook page.  WTF?  In the meantime, there was Adam who clearly had social media covered.  (I voted for him).  Personally, looks and age matter no matter how good you are!  Prejudice reigns in every culture and company in Canada.

So back to Social Media and “getting somewhere” with it.  After viewing someone rubbing vodka all over it on CBC’s Steve and Chris, and through the twitter world, I realize that society would rather patronize a person who portray’s herself as an alcoholic over those who work their asses off day in and day out to stay afloat.   I’m not saying she doesn’t work her ass off doing what she does  (I’m not buying the alcohol act, as I do believe she’s a mom first), however, mom and daily morning cocktails are not found together in a thesaurus.  She has worked her ass off by creating this persona because society thought it was ok!  She may be pissed off that I wrote this, however, it is what it is.

Why do we patronize this and then decide to eat a single Canadian Blogger alive after a humourous tale of loud kids in airports?   Could it be that truthfully we crave the attention of Erica Ehm?  Perhaps by patronizing her thoughts and beliefs, it will encourage her to notice us?  Really call a spade a spade, every person on this earth, when frustrated and delayed at an airport, can’t handle a crying and whiny kid.  No one in this world is that blase faire.

However, after this incident, the very next day, the Steve and Chris blogger posted Samuel Jackson’s short story narration of “Go the Fuck to Sleep” about a ruthless child who won’t sleep, all was well in mom’s ville again.  We laugh at one and shun the other?

Personally, I laughed at them both if you want to know the truth.  Yep, a mom with teenagers, has experienced both incidences first hand, many times.

It’s just 100% complete narcissism that keeps Social Media alive and I’m not for it.  I want to inspire, not toot my horn.  I want to share my pictures of my experiences at Much Music and the Toronto Film Festival.  I want people to say, hey Trina, that is great that you were there to share this with us!  I want to have engagement.  I want the popular mom’s to be typical mom’s living the daily struggle of being a mom, being a woman, and striving to live their best life.

So conclude this misfit blog post about having an inappropriate voice in the digital world, the social media world has become yet another high school, where those who hold an established position in Toronto, Yummy Mummy, Pepsi or Huntington Post, hold a higher status than those who don’t.  It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, if you’re in, you’re in for life….or at least until Society accepts it.

I am a virtual square peg trying to fit into an impossible round hole.  Like many other bloggers out there.  We all want validation in this world, virtual or not.

I’ve tweaked this post due to the fact that I wrote it in a pure rage on Thursday night. I am not giving up blogging.  I’m giving up active social promotion.

I will still do my thing at the Toronto Film Festival as I always do.  It doesn’t matter who’s watching or not.  I simply won’t promote on Twitter where “the celebs” are, as quickly as I did last year, only to piss a lot of old men off who are quite nice to me!  Not gonna happen.  You just gotta follow my blog if interested.

I will never go to a celebrity gifting suite where it’s clearly stated, in a subliminal way, that I don’t fit in.  I promoted it and really, for what?  Not gonna happen again.  Realistically, it’s not necessary.

Why didn’t GAGA go to the gift suite?  Because she knew she could buy 2000 of the items that were given and then some.  It’s all about PRIDE!

I keep my pride in tact, as always, forever your blogging friend,


PS. Since writing this I seen another tweet from a Cosmo Girl Blogger which stated;  “If you’re so fat that you need to ride a motorized cart around the Walmart, you should probably stay AWAY from the candy aisle. #JustSaying“…..NOT COOL.

Always think before you say.  I know someone who was 90 pounds soaking wet, who now has cancer, gained weight from steroids, and runs around Walmart in a cart because of the extreme pain.

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