I was on the phone with a client today, in which I was trying to explain the methodology of Social Media Marketing.   I found it interesting the responses I received from him and decided to share some of them with you.

Here were a few things that I pointed out to him:

Don’t sell to your audience, engage them.  Yes, talk about your business but also talk about the weather.
His Response: “Trina, why would waste my time talking about the weather when it’s business I want to create?”
My Response: “If I was following you, you’d be on my unfollow list very fast.  Social Media is about open discussion.”

Unless your Ellen, Oprah, Bieber or GAGA, respond to your followers.
His Response: “Even if they ask me something completely unrelated to what I do?”
My Response: “Would you respond if I emailed you?  Well same goes with Social Media even if it’s unrelated to what you do! Responding displays a keen interest in the person. Hence, you gain trust, then you gain business”

Become the expert in your field from the beginning.  To achieve this you need a central hub, whether it be an interactive website or a blog.
His Response:
 Wow just another thing to start doing.  I don’t have time to blog!!
My Response:  “If you don’t have time to blog, then it’s time you invest in your business. Hire a person to blog on your behalf.  If your website is your hub, then make sure it is updated regularly.  Do not launch a website and forget about it!”

Businesses can decide either sink or join their clients in the wonderful world of Social Media.  I’ve seen so many companies that have a Facebook Page where there’s one lonely entry on it.  “We’ve joined Facebook!  Welcome to ABC Company!”  Why does this happen.  Well, they get stage fright.   They simply do not know how to communicate.  I’ve always said University allows you to be book smart, but it takes a lot of personal growth to be PEOPLE SMART.

Converse!  You may be speaking to a decision maker’s wife of a huge client you are pursuing!  She could be scouting you!

Action.  Making a call to action does not require a silly sales pitch, it can be done through simple conversation.

Respond. If you don’t respond, you will be deleted.  Make this a focal part of your day, everyday!  If someone complains about your services, RESPOND cordially.

Excellence! Always be ready to respond to any query about who you are and what you do.  You are the expert!

I don’t know if he was completely convinced when we ended our conversation, however, I’ve dealt with this mentality over and over again.  Few get it and really prosper.  Right now, those who market on Social Media are the proverbial horse coming out of the gate.

My methodology is quite different than the norm.  I have two Twitter Accounts.  One personal and one professional.  I have been gaining business from my target market through my personal account.  My personal account does not represent who I am as a business professional.  However, I’m raw and real.  I have a very crafty way on how I gain business.  I always want them to trust me and know me first and foremost.

If anyone else has any tips, I’d love to hear them.  Social Media is a learning curve each and everyday.  There are days when I want to pack it in because no one is talking.  There are other days where I’m elated that stimulating conversation is all around!  It could be a full moon, but who knows?

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