All of us blogger’s have done it….including me!  Most of the time, I’m cashed strapped and dream of writing the perfect blog post, to bring in the masses and start generating money.

There are moments where I have seriously contemplated changing my blog genre to generate cash, but I just can’t seem to break myself away from speaking my truth and perhaps, adding value to someone’s life.  It’s who I am.

Despite that fact that I hate forking out the money for hotels, food and drink for Toronto Events, I hate begging more.

If I’m going to write a review, I’d prefer that it is an unbiased review because I’ve stayed at some pretty awesome places but it didn’t fit my blase faire way of living.

I have made a ruthless attempt to get noticed by Ellen Degeneres and, albeit fun, I am feeling like a beggar yet again!  However, businesses do it all of the time.  Trade leads for leads, provide a finder’s fee or commission….Life truly is a business transaction if you want to move forward.

So what is it that separates the great bloggers of Canada to the small “mini-me” bloggers, like myself?  I believe that it is time spent, hard work, and lots of patience that one day, you’ll write an out of this world blog post that will catch the masses attention.

Here’s to one day writing it and making it happen.  Perseverance all the way!  Onward and Upward…..Go Silver!!! (You young chic blogger’s probably don’t have a clue!)

Now onto other news…….

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