Three years ago I didn’t have the power to share this story.

But here it is now….

Oh yes, three years ago I would have cowered in a corner licking my wounds.|
Three years ago, I would have cried myself to sleep.
Three years ago, it would have been all my fault.

Well my intention today was to go to Toronto to see if I could get a ticket to the Power of Women’s show.  My idol Ellen Degeneres was speaking there.  However, no such luck.

However, I had a great day. I woke up, straightened my hair, did my makeup and dressed.  I didn’t think I looked 1/2 bad actually.

Despite missing my train and thinking my idea was a bad one, I walked around, took pictures, and yes, I got a “glimpse” of Ellen as well.  I have a rather blurry picture I will post in time.  I enjoy doing this stuff….don’t judge.

However, as I was sitting in front of the Convention Centre, two really beautiful girls sat down close to me. I didn’t get a glance at one of them, but the one closest had beautiful long jet black hair, a green silky camisole and black pants.  They were obviously attending the show.

For an instant, I look at her and she was looking at me, she gave me a real cheesy grin.  However, about five minutes later, I got up and I heard it.  I heard her say “oooo nasty” and I looked over and she was sticking her finger down her throat looking at ME!   I was like What the Fuck????  That pretty girl couldn’t have looked more like Shrek to me then.

So I proceeded to give her a loser look and went on my way.  For a minute it enraged me.  Thereafter, it hurt me.  However, right now, I realize that this girl has a lot of issues if she’s got to confront a stranger about their physical appearance. Really, I’m fat, not nasty.

I’ve got a gorgeous husband who thinks the world of me.  Oh, I’m sure he’d love a tight ass and perky boobs.  What man doesn’t?  However, he’s had that and many other forms of me.

Hell, I love women with tight asses and perky boobs.  I contemplate Gastric Bypass daily, but I can’t fathom the thought of taking it off and living life in a cage. I know what I have to do, I’ve got a library downstairs!   I just got to do it and it will come!!!!

As I took some time to think about this situation, I was angry.  I was hoping against all hopes that this rotten excuse for a human being wasn’t given a free pass to the show.  How dare anyone empower her with such a rich experience that she is incapable of comprehending.

I’m pretty sure that she figures she’s funny, and that her and Ellen could be BFF’s. She just HAD to attend for that reason only.  No, I highly doubt that would be possible because funny ha ha is different than funny by hurting someone’s feelings intentionally.

With that said though, I met some wonderful women; fat, skinny, from different religions and cultures.  I didn’t have one single nasty comment about any of them.  I’m just that type of person.  Don’t judge.

As I seen comments on Twitter about the show, the real intense comments came from the older generation who got it.  I think we’ll always see those cheese bag types at events like this since PR Companies love the cutesy wootsy type.  Sure, there are many cutesy wootsy’s who do get it, but I’ve certainly met my share on my travels that don’t.

So for all your fatties, like me, out there.  Share your story, don’t let the internal ugliness of the pretty girls get you down!  You want empowerment, this is it at its finest.

PS. I tried to catch a shot of her for this picture, but it’s not in me to do that….even though I reaaalllly wanted to.

As Ellen said today “Love the skin your in!”

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