In my real world, I have a very small group of friends by choice.  I don’t require a large crowd to be happy.  What I desire is a friend that I can trust, who inspires me, and someone I can be myself with.

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When I first started on Twitter, I joined to share my blog, not myself.   If I needed a friend release, I went to Facebook.  That is where I made my plans, giggled with friends, and shared my photo’s from my real world weekend.

Even with over 2,000 followers I receive few responses to my tweets, but that’s o.k. There are times, over the past few years, where I have yearned for late night conversation or a brief interaction while knowing that the precious few that do respond are no where to be found.

Realistically, I’m on twitter to engage those who wish to be engaged by my blog.  I speak to everyone, send out advice, rejoice, or sympathy.  Perhaps, 5 percent respond.  However, one neat thing is that as my network grows so do my relationships.  I’m finding, not looking, for people that inspire me.  Sometimes, they are brief encounters, while other times they evolve into friendships.

About two months ago, my follow list was huge as I followed everybody.  I was missing out on the tweets that mattered the most to me (no I didn’t know that there were lists).  So I decided to automatically unfollow those who unfollowed me.  I think it’s fair and balanced.  There’s a reason why people unfollow you and it’s not because you inspire or engage them.

However, I do see an evolution happening.  Something that I’m no part of, which is cliques.  There are some pretty mean spirited people on Twitter.  People who bully and exclude people outright.

Say NO to BullyingWith me being such an advocate against bullying, I have to restrain myself from butting in because sometimes on Twitter, you’re not really “getting” the whole jist of the conversation.  In the end, you end up with pie on your face!  Unfortunately, it happens here too.

Twitter has changed me for the better as it has provided an outlet for me to act the way I want, speak my truth, and experience things that I wouldn’t have without it!  Yes, I will admit that I have a narcissistic side too!  However, it hasn’t changed my level of kindness.  I haven’t allowed my personal growth and success to go to my head.  I have been me all of the way and on my own terms.  If Twitter ever changed me for the worst, I would stop it in a heartbeat.

For anyone joining Twitter, I would recommend putting yourself out there, but don’t allow relationships get the best of you.  Don’t beg or chase as they are interchangeable.  It’s like high school, if you’re in, you’re in.  However, like high school, if you’re an outcast in that group, you will remain that way.

Take faith, there are a few out there just like you!  A few wonderful people who want to engage, share, and converse on a much smaller level.  The other people are just the small stuff!

Til Next Time and just remember,

“Balance is choosing to not allow people to love you any less than you love yourself”


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