How to meet a Celebrity at the Toronto Film Festival

If you think you’ll score an opportunity to meet your favorite celebrity during a Gala Screening at Roy Thompson Hall, I would advise that you to think again.  Very few get that wonderful opportunity to see their fave actor or actress up close at a red carpet event.

Impromptu shot of Blake Lively being interviewed by Sue Scambati, TIFF 2010

Here are a few tips from the team at Life’s a Blog.  This will be our fourth year going to the Toronto Film Festival and it’s just like Christmas for us!

  • Yorkville and Bloor are prime places to encounter an impromptu star sighting.  While hanging around hotels may appear cheesy, it is the best way to get a glimpse and perhaps a picture with your fave celeb!
  • Starbucks on Yorkville is prime territory because even celebrities need their coffee fix!  We met Jason Reitman twice at 2 different Starbucks in Toronto!
  • Last year, the Bell Lightbox also drew in numerous celebrities.  I’m sure we’ll see more events this year catered to the rich and famous.
  • Keep your eyes wide open at all times.  Celebrities do not look like celebrities when they are dressed down, especially women.
  • Look for Gala Presentations at smaller venues, like Isabel Bader Theatre.   I was fortunate to meet both Jennifer Aniston (2008) and Will Ferrell (2010) at this venue.
  • If you are fortunate enough to meet a celebrity.  Be cool about it. The kinder you are, the most courteous and obliging they’ll be.  Treat them like a human first. Rachelle Lefevre (2009), of Twilight, was completely disgusted when two people tried to get her autograph in the middle of Avenue Road.
  • The most inappropriate time to get an autograph or converse with a celebrity, is in a public washroom.  I literally held the door open for Emily Blunt (2009), was in the next stall to her as she had a telephone conversation, and washed my hands with her.   Even an avid celebrity voyeur has more common courtesy than to ask for a photo or autograph at that time!  Let her go.
  • Check out Much Music, CBC, and MTV Canada to see if they are hosting any events or having a celebrity interview.  Ask for tickets.  In 2009, my daughter and her friend seen Drew Barrymore, at the MuchMusic.  Keep an eye on their website.
2nd Starbucks sighting with Jason Reitman.

If you take in all that the Toronto Film Festival has to offer and are fortunate to see a celeb or two, you’ve got it made.  The Film Festival is the 2nd largest in the world, so why not embrace it and become part of it?

Whatever you do.  These 3 girls, who attend every year, wants you to enjoy it!

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