As most of you know, I’ve been on an aggressive campaign to get Ellen Degeneres to assist me during the Toronto Film Festival in Toronto.  Yes, I’m Ellen’s Biggest fan…or so I thought!

Well, I figured my opportunity would come this week when Ellen Degeneres attended the Power of Women’s Show in Toronto.  There’s two day’s left and no such luck.  There are a few things that I learned during this experience.

  • Even though you think you’re special, there is also at least 100, 000 other people who think the same.  When Ellen tweets on Twitter the immediate response rate is astronomical.  You should watch it sometime!
  • Realistically, it’s very rare that it’s actually Ellen tweeting.  For example, last night while watching the game in Minnesota, her tweets dramatically increased because her attendance was part and parcel a promo to her new season.
  • Posting YouTube video’s and hoping that she’ll see it, well that’s another dud.  I’ve had a 95% click rate in Canada, while the other 5% came from Mexico.
  • No matter what we do, we must take chances!  Whether we’re the serious business person or the funny lifestyle blogger, we have to stick our neck out to sell our brand.  We must believe that we are the best!  (BTW, I do both which is a completely different blog post).

However, it was yet another adventure to take me out of this shell and tear down the walls that I have built for the past thirty eight years.  If doing something like this can improve ME in anyway, I’ll do it again despite it being an impossible feat.

Oh yes, being a blogger, who increasing in rating, I also inquired about a media pass as well.  I was rejected, but it’s not the first time so it just rolled off my back.

My hope of all hopes is that she’ll see how silly I have been  and respond.  I’m not putting all my money in that pot though!  Being positive is one thing, but realism but play a part as well.

So with two days left all I have to say is, Welcome to Toronto Ellen.  I hope that this city will appeal to you and that you will return to do a show!

Here’s a few clips of utter stupidity that I made for you!

The Beginning

The Middle

The End

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