There has been some real-time issues lately that has grounded me again to the real world.  I’m not going to repeat them as I’ve already wrote two blogs about it.  However, with every cause, there is an effect.  This cause has brought my family back together, where most of the time, we’ve been hidden behind the screen of technology.

These are the people who matter the most!

I’ve spent the majority of the weekend consoling myself, consoling my children, and most of all, being there for my wonderful pet who has made me smile every day for four years.  Sure, I tweeted a few pics and updates from my cell phone and the response was very revealing.

On Facebook, well all of my friends and acquaintances are very concerned.  In fact, in my hometown of Gaspe, my little puppy that could, has many cheering for her recovery.  Another thing I received was advice, oodles and oodles of advice.

On Twitter, only true dog lovers responded, which I expected.  Twitter is all about the brand. Facebook is a venue where things are personal.

I want thank those who acknowledged me during this time of grief.  I do love love love my authentic Facebook and Twitter friendships that I have developed.

Although social media has provided me the ability to find my voice and become a little more brazen, it also made me realize that the real world smelled a lot better and was easier to deal with.  It wasn’t on the back of my mind to write a blog, or tweet a funny line, or respond to someone in a timely manner so they didn’t get insulted.  I lived in the present!

Another thing this stayawaycation provoked me to do several times was to pick up the phone.  Someone would write on my wall, and I realized that it is quicker to pick up the phone and fill them in.

Alas, I finally finished this database I was working on like a turtle as well!

However, with the good, also comes the bad.  I’ve also been mourning a loss that is inevitable in the very near future. I’m trying to embrace the time that’s left.  I no longer have that joie de vive that I normally do for the Toronto Film Festival because it goes hand in hand with Twitter and Social Media.   A few weeks ago, I canvassed for sponsors and received no calls.   It’s disheartening but it’s reality.   I could certainly use the help after this tragic expense.

However, it’s life and life does go on.  In my real world, I’m quite a successful person.  I’m happy-go-lucky and people like me for who I am, not a persona behind the screen.  I am well aware that I’ve been trashed by specific Twitter people, that I have befriended but it’s simply because they REALLY don’t know me and they really don’t know the friend I can be. Your online popularity is dependant on the Klout and cliques.  The higher the klout or bigger the online clique, the higher ratio of online friends/strangers.

There are some people who have approached me about bullying. People know that I can be a shoulder without bias and without a big mouth.  It was specifically about one person who’s persona has escalated and head has grown to the size of a watermelon.  I do not know this person as I do not socialize with her, however, I have seen the subtle control she displays and the mean words that sometimes spews out of her mouth.  I just stay away because I don’t care how popular she is, she simply doesn’t suit my lifestyle.  If it takes her to get me “in”, then I choose to stay “out”.

I can be successful online and off in my own time, with my own authenticity.

In conclusion, to all of those who are Foursquaring their every move, and documenting their whole life online, just take note not to miss the smell of the roses, the breath of your children, and the wonder your real life brings.   Yep, people like me!

Life is in the real things.

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