What You Missed

  • Justin didn't look very impressed with GAGA #VMA (Small town boy) ->
  • There a lil Jay-Z on the way #VMA ->
  • Manaj took off the gag. #VMA ->
  • Isn't Katy Perry just the cutest? #VMA ->
  • I never realized Joe Calderone already made an appearance before #VMA ->
  • Hey looks like we'll have a new mommy blogger on the way!! Beyonce's pregnant! #VMA ->
  • Who is that person sitting in the chair and singing during intermission? #VMA ->
  • Gr8 Marketing!! RT @YoungbloodHawk1: Please don't read my latest blog if you go to my website at http://bit.l… (cont) http://t.co/HTS0lpw ->
  • I guess Beyonce won't be rocking Runs the World as she did on Oprah. #VMA ->
  • Love Niki's Pointy Boobies #VMA A look only few can pull off! ->
  • Wow, that girl can talk fast! #VMA ->
  • What's up? ->
  • I bet Adele's ex feels like a turd right about now. #vma ->
  • love cee-lo ->
  • Love @ladygaga but pretty creeped out on her selection of male. Crrreeeepy ->
  • We Are Canadian Blog Hop (Aug 28, 2011) http://t.co/xoRoWUt via @Gingermommy ->
  • There's two people I wouldn't want to be tonight: Adele's Ex watchin her blaze in glory and anyone who's even close to Joe Calderone. ->
  • Those f___in crazy Jersey Shore chicks…..#VMA ->
  • Here comes Joe……@ladygaga please don't do that again. ->
  • We Are Canadian Blog Hop http://t.co/lffFFhA via @knitwitshair ->

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