I’ve made lemonade out of lemons so many times that my kid’s are getting sick of it!

Licking my wounds and moving onward and upward yet again!

Well I’ve been once again refused.  I inquired with the Power of Women’s Show if there would be media access for a blog poster, like myself, to attend the conference. Unfortunately, the answer was in a cordially written letter; No.

As I sit here trying to figure out my next steps with houseflies galore flying around me, I laugh.  I just have to laugh.  Like this houseflies, taking the chance to land, I find myself swatted and crushed again.   As I write these words, yet another revelation, the only phrase in my rant is “Taking the Chance” matters in the big scheme of life.  I truly did take the chance to spread my wings and fly.

For that, I give myself a great big pat on the back.

So here I am, crushed and standing sore in front of yet another hurdle.  What is my overall objective?  Well my objective is to be part of Canadian Events that works well with my blog without breaking the bank (possibly making a little cash as well).  Right now, I’m a promotional slut.  I just write about it for free and I’m not bitter about it, because anyone who follows my blog knows that I’ll do it again!

Sigh, but in the light of all lights, I’m getting antsy.  A change or an opportunity would really do me good.  Here’s to making yet another batch of lemonade.


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