If there is a pricing conflict at the cash register, you can bet that I am waiting in that line.  If I’m going up an escalator, you can bet that I’m behind an old disabled person who shimmies their way along.  However, it never bother’s me as I’m empathetic to these instances in life.

However, that’s my personal side.  The business side of me takes no prisoners.  If I want answers, I expect a timely response.   Of course, I’m an old sucker for family conflicts and being short-staffed because I’ve been there before.  However, if you’re short-staffed give me a head’s up ahead of time so my client’s aren’t waiting for me to respond!

I work for an organization, but I work completely independent so I can take on other client’s.  My professional life is the furthest thing away from this blog. I am professional, persistent, a hard worker, and I do my job well.

Last week, I sent out a few query’s for advertising for a large North American company. There is this one online business I inquired twice because I REALLY want to advertise with them.  Long story short, I got tired of waiting so I tweeted the query.  Well…..three business days has passed and I received an immediate response.  I sent a detailed description of what I required and my budget.  Again, no response. There worst part though is that I know where that person is thanks to Twitter.  She KNOWS I’m watching.  Therefore, wouldn’t a simple email saying “I’m away until Thursday.” suffice as a response rather than no response at all?  Do large organizations really feel that they hold the power?  Like who doesn’t NEED advertising dollars?

Well I’ve decided to move onward and upward.  If they choose not to have this company advertise, then Bob’s their uncle.  There are plenty of other opportunities that I can latch on to.  I still have respect for this company as I firmly believe that they have provided a multitude of goodness to their readership.   I’m just not impressed with the business side.

Long story short, we really don’t know who we are socializing with online.  They could be people who can make an impact in your life.  They could be people that will drive business your way.  They could be people that will give you a job or send a reference you way.

Be Responsive.
Be Engaging.
Don’t Assume that People Aren’t Watching.
Don’t Make People Wait.

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