I recently written a blog post on my disappointment with Diet Coke during the Toronto Film Festival.  Well, they’ve righted their wrongs and they ROCK!

Grant you that nothing will take away the disappointment of not attending the Gala Screening of the Descendants with George Clooney sitting in the room, however, Diet Coke just did the best that they could around my schedule.  Well maybe a sing a long with Bono or Madonna would…but anyway.

I’m very pleased with this peace offering.

Since it was through the extreme disappointment of my daughter that I wrote the previous post, we were offered the Gala Presentation with Best Seats in the House to the Friday viewing of the coming of age movie, Violet and Daisy.

As well, the invitation to the Diet Coke Gala Tomorrow night along with some swag from Diet Coke.

Customer Service is all about accommodation.  Accommodation from them, but from myself as well.  With a huge venue like the Toronto International Film Festival, I have to understand that, despite being major sponsors, they have only so much leeway to accommodate.

Thanks Diet Coke for doing your best!  I hope we enjoy the show, see the celebs, and have a great mother and daughter night!



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