Sarah Polley has quickly become one my favorite director’s after viewing the witty drama about desire, Take This Waltz.

First and foremost, Thanks L’Oreal Canada for giving me this opportunity to attend this Gala Premier at the Toronto Film Festival.

In the Movie, Take This Waltz, Margo struggles when coming to a crossroads in her five-year marriage to Lou, when she meets Daniel, while writing and designing a new brochure for Parks Canada in Nova Scotia.  Margo’s desire for the affection of Daniel stimulates the excitement that she lacks from everyday life.

Polley’s metaphor to desire as being similar to a ride at the fair was genius.  Life and people always appear more enlightening and fun when the lights are dim, the music is loud and the disco ball is turning.  The scene somewhat confused me until the lights went on.

Seth Rogan’s dramatic performance of Lou was sensational.  He brought the typical day-to-day comedic edge to life along with his sister, Geraldine, played by Sarah Silverman.  I also enjoyed how Geraldine’s struggles, although different, was parallel to Margo’s struggles of romantic desire.

Michelle Williams was perfect for the role of Margo, with her sweet “can do no wrong” appearance.  The film proves that anyone when over wrought with desire can do wrong.

I have never seen Luke Kirby, previous to this role.  I can only expect that this actor will achieve rave reviews on his performance.

I love this new style of story telling because not only do you leave the movie a bit confused and with a lot of questions, but the movie stays on your mind until you figure it out by looking at real life instances that correlate with the movie’s story-line and metaphors.

Bravo to the Cast and Crew of Take this Waltz.



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