I recently attended the 140 conference in Kitchener, Ontario.  I left with a heavy heart after listening to Heather Hamilton’s story of love and charity.

I have never had a discussion online with her, nor did I introduce myself at the conference. However, she is my new hero.

There are so many people complaining about their lives, their finances, and their loss of spirit..including me, however, no one could possibly imagine the death of a child unless they go through it as she did.

While she spoke, I noticed that each and every word was coming from the heart.  It was not staged or misrepresented.  She held my heart in her hands at that very moment.

She also displayed courage.  I thought to myself, how can this grieving mother possibly have the courage and strength to raise over $40,000 dollars for the hospital who took such great care of her son, only weeks after his death?  How admirable that when the sun was down, she made light all on her own despite it all.

If you want to read more about Zack’s Dream and Heather’s Story please visit this website.  I work very hard for a living not living my dream, however, every cent that I can muster up will be going towards her dream.

I am complete enamored by you Heather, and I wish you all the luck and success that this world can provide to you.

I ask my reader’s to please GIVE.

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