Jann Arden Coming to Costco on November 4th

As I entered the local Costco the other day, I seen that my all time favorite Canadian Singer will be there on the 4th of November for a book signing.   I immediately entered the date into my Blackberry so  I wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

As I reviewed my calendar, as I always do on Sunday night, I seen this reminder.  I immediately looked up Jann Arden’s publicist in hopes for an opportunity to interview her privately.

Of course, I realize that this is an off the wall request.   Why would someone like me be granted the privilege to speak to such an icon.   Days passed and tonight I received my response.

“Thank you again for your interest in Jann Arden but I’m afraid that after checking in on this request for you we are going to have to pass this time around.  Jann’s Schedule is extremely busy and she really is not doing many interviews while out on the book tour.”

To my surprise, I simply put down my phone and thought that it was too bad.  That was that.  I’ve finally succumb to the rejection one faces when trying to achieve goals that appear to be impossible.

Sure it’s upsetting, however, I have come to realize that even though it won’t happen today, it may happen another time.  I think of all of the wonderful things that has happened to us over the past year and a half and acknowledge that even though this is a loss, it is not the end of the world.  It is not worth giving up on my dreams.

It just wasn’t meant to be.

There was once a day where Jann Arden sang alone with no audience.  Where Jann was in the same lonely spot that I reside today.  I believe Jann’s soul would still understand the loss, but the burning resilience that I feel right now.

Those who never forgets the rejection are the most likely to understand.

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