According to US Magazine, a moving van was spotted leaving the home of Kutcher and Moore’s abode.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Moving Van Spotted Outside Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moores HomeIt’s crazy how far media will go to make a horrible situation worse by sensationalizing it.  This is not the first time a famous person has been caught with their pants down, nor will it be the last.  The hardest part is making a relationship work after the fact with so many mongrels praying for the worst.  That’s why were seeing so many break-ups.  The public isn’t helping.

If I could say anything about infidelity is that a relationship is a two way street.   When a marriage is going good, no one is looking elsewhere.  There is always a bigger picture about someone’s infidelity.

I have no idea why People Magazine would stoop to the level of interviewing Sara Leal seeing that Demi and Ashton were trying (or putting on a fake attempt) to reconcile.   Just add another log into the proverbial fire People!

I’d say when making the decision to purchase trash magazines like this that people ask themselves; How would I feel if this was my marriage on the cover.  After all, it’s may be celebrity, but it is personal.

I hope that this once happy and affectionate couple are able to work through the fire and make it back to the calm waters again very soon.

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