“I don’t play accurately – any one can play accurately – but I play with wonderful expression.”– Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, Act 1

There are specific characteristics that attracts me to people.  Those who take on any task with exuberance and bravery is extra special in my heart.

This post isn’t about me though, it’s about my daughter, Christina.  She’s living life to the beat of her own drummer and I, for one, am tickled pink.  Sure, she must follow the norm to make a little money to get the “things” she’d like.  However, when push comes to shove, she is deciding to live her destiny with an open mind and heart.

Last week, she has rekindled her Anti-Bullying group at school with a vengeance.  I am so proud of anyone who can take a bad situation (like she had) and give back rather than wallow and whine. Sure, we still have our days of insecurity and struggle but they are fewer as each week passes.  She is still a teen after all!

She has also started to blog.  I have encouraged her to start writing about her feelings and fears.  Share them and feel gratified if you’ve helped at least one person a week.

Yes, I have raised a girl who knows how to be true to herself and earnest with others.  No mother could possibly be prouder.

You Go Girlfriend!  LIVE LOUD!

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