Phew I’ve been so busy lately but I did get the opportunity to get a glimpse of my friend, @cammipham, comment on the recent changes to Klout Scores.   I immediately checked mine and to my surprise my Klout Score dropped by 12 points!  WTF, I thought to myself.

I quickly surveyed the klout scores of my fellow online friends, shook my head, and returned to work.

After much thought, when my Klout score was 0, I was much more ambitious in regards to my offline line.  When it was 0, I spent more time communicating real-time.  When it was 0, I had a life and a great career.  I was still an online guru no matter what my score was.

As my Klout score grew, my online opportunities grew.  I was attending a load of events in Toronto and enjoyed the perks that my Klout score allowed me to enjoy.  However, I thought…is it really my Klout score people like or is it me?  Certainly, if I was writing about food, CBC wouldn’t invite me to interview Canadian Celebrities?  If I had failed my first interview, they certainly wouldn’t have come back for more, high Klout score or not.

No, people buy into me for me, not my online banter, nor the time I have spent working on my blog and my online status.

Klout score simply measures how much time you communicate online and I’m no longer ready to dedicate that much time.  I will talk to people who influence me no matter if they have a Klout score of 0 or 88.  I will continue my dream of working with several brands and helping them improve their online branding efforts.  I will continue to blog and share my thoughts to the world no matter if my Klout score plummets another 10 points.

Klout is just another high school classification that you’re engaging with the “popular” ones.  Really, there are some people online who spend their time bitching, complaining and not working whose Klout scores are through the roof.  If Klout wants to penalize me for focusing on the not so popular, positive people who make my life richer, well it’s really their loss.

I’ll move onward and upward towards success with or without Klout.  It’s all about our Real Life Effort that got us there in the first place.

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