Lately I’ve been waking up with a smile on my face.  I feel that I put in a hard day’s work.  I try very hard to keep up with my social media endeavors to achieve my ultimate dream of working independently.   I am researching opportunities over and above blogging.

Realistically, my only challenge on a daily basis is putting up with the antics of my stubborn teenagers.

I feel that I have it all. However, there is one thorn in my side which is my weight.

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I want to look like this again, with a few more wrinkles!

Here I am, a very successful lady who cannot manage to get the weight off!  Why is the weight not falling off you ask?  Well, I’m not working hard enough or believing that I can do it.  The only difference between then and now is that I don’t get depressed over it (except when I put on a pair of pants that once fell off of me and can’t get them on). However, boy oh boy, can my body feel the extra weight!

I’m a doer…..for everyone else but me!

So I have a plan.  I’ve got to take my life up a notch one more time.  It could be the biggest challenge of my life.  I have to get back into my mind, body, and soul regimen again.  It is the only time in my life where I had that “selfish” side that my body needs right now.  imagine believe achieve copy 264x300 To Achieve, Believe (and work your butt off)

This weekend I was with a woman who had gastric bypass surgery.  She looked so good.  However, taking the easy route has never been my style.  I know that I’ll have to give up more with a surgery than I would if I lose the weight naturally.

So here’s a shout-out to the girls who offer counselling, retreats, and general sessions for mothers like me!  PLEASE let me know about it.

There is nothing that we can’t accomplish in life but it takes hard work!  I have yet to see someone achieve success without it.   I acknowledge that and I will not use my reluctance to work hard on myself as an excuse anymore.

So go ahead, work hard, believe, and achieve your dreams today!

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