• The more i have visitors, from afar the more I realize how much I love my little life here in Ontario. ->
  • Goals for the month of November: Community Manager position, get my ass to the gym, celebrate my 39th year as a rock star, and work hard ->
  • What are your goals for November? ->
  • Well another work week ahead, I'm off to bed. Early morning!! ->
  • Love it and live it!! Have a great week! RT @TheKarltopia: There are no shortcuts in life. Study hard, get a job, & earn an honest living. ->
  • Still alot of reeling about @klout scores. Seriously, I'll take the 5 pounds lost from living IRL, than th… (cont) http://t.co/31T0GJ7k ->
  • We are Canadian Blog Hop (add your Canadian blog) http://t.co/fo9P4qr9 RT: @Gingermommy ->

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