CHEERS to Jann Arden for a Special Night

High Spirited Group PhotoI had a wonderful night tonight with my friend Lisa.  The past week at work has been a flurry of meetings and commitments.  At 3 pm, I rushed through my paperwork in order to have the opportunity to grab some supper before we attended Jann Arden’s Book Signing at Costco in Kitchener, Ontario.

There’s something to be said about a high spirited group waiting in line, outside, and chilly in November.  We spent about a half hour laughing and talking to strangers who were as equally as anxious to meet Jann Arden.

When inside, we warmed up and prepared our books and CD’s for Jann to sign.  We also encountered a Random Act of Kindness Superhero during our wait.  How could we be so lucky on a Friday night?

When I finally reached the beginning of the line, the lady ahead asked me to take a picture with her and Jann.  I felt honored to be so entertaining that some random stranger would want me to be in her picture.

It was then my moment with Jann, of course, I was too busy saying good-bye to that lady.  (ADHD)

Jann, then said to me “So you’re Trina!”

I’m replied  “Yes, I am.”

She then said, “I was wondering where Trina was…OMG I love your necklace!”

Secretly though, We all know that Jann wasn’t looking for “Trina”, she was referring to my blog but didn’t want to admit it.

Hey, a girl can dream.   How did she get there in the first place?  Read her book, Falling Backward to find out.

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