Yesterday was a wonderful day.  Every November 11, we always commemorate those who died  for our freedom.  Whether it be at the office, at a school assembly, or at home, we are always aware what this day ultimately represents.

My son has been an air cadet at the 296 Squadron in Cambridge Ontario for 3 years now.  I have attended every nightly vigil since he began this journey.  The nightly vigil is held in many cities.  The cadets stand guard to watch over the cenotaph on the eve of Remembrance Day.    I have to say, for the most part, it’s a grueling job and one that is taken very seriously by every cadet.

Yesterday, when I passed the cenotaph bright and early, I noticed that my son was on guard.  Being the proud mom that I am, I quickly took some pictures of him before heading to work.  As I drove to work I thought to myself that local businesses should really focus on these cadets when selecting employees.  If these cadets can do weekly parades, speak on command, and take part in guarding the Cenotaph on a cold November night, imagine the employees that they would be!

I was so proud of my guy!

I returned to the cenotaph prior to 11 AM only to find my son standing guard for the ceremony.  I have to say a tear came to my eye.  Such pride!

As I watched the various organizations laying their wreaths, I thought of all of the times where we scold him for being on the computer, being lazy, and not picking up his pop can.  However, for an important ceremony like this, he stepped up to the plate and served well.

Remembrance Day, the bigger picture of life.   Remembrance Day, feeling the aura of those veterans that fought to secure our freedom.  Remembrance Day, not a day to be hovering over the small stuff when so many took their duty so seriously, for us years ago.

As the ceremony closed, an older lady was looking at the wreaths.  She looked at my son and said, “This is my husband’s wreath.”  He replied very seriously without moving from his spot on the Cenotaph platform, “He served well Ma’am.”

Pride…100% non-compromising Mother’s Pride.   I love you my boy….you make me proud. [photospace]

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