New Year’s Eve is my favorite night of the year.   It is a night for remembrance and to give thanks to those you love with drinks, laughs, and plenty of kisses!

I have a list of things that one should do every New Year’s Eve to best prepare yourself for yet another year!

  1. Eat, Drink and be Merry
    There’s nothing like a fancy glass in your hand, shrimp, and plenty of finger foods to bring the crowd closer together.
  2. Be Yourself – Baby you were born this way!
    If a fancy dress and ballroom dancing isn’t your style…then why the hell do it to bring in a new year?  New Year’s Eve isn’t about expectations but a celebration of the past year and the prosperity of the new one that awaits!
  3. Sing Like No One is Watching
    If Karaoke isn’t your style then sing Auld Lang Syne at the top of your lungs to ring in happiness for the New Year.  Nothing says happiness more than humming or singing your favorite song!  If you were like me as a child, you weren’t walking down the sidewalk without singing a happy tune!  Let your inner child run wild!
  4. Be with Friends
    Unlike Christmas, there should be no one you don’t want to be with on New Year’s Eve.  That’s what makes it so magical!
  5. Take Pictures
    No one minds drunken pictures on New Year’s Eve.  Let your inner paparazzi flow free!  It’s all about the memories.
  6. Write your goals down, not resolutions
    Goals are attainable wants that will happen in the future.  They are baby steps to a happier self.   Resolutions are known to set us up for failure!
  7. Make a Toast
    Always make a toast to those around you, those who will come into your life, and for good health.  Be the leader of the pack to wish everyone well.
  8. Ditch the Heels and Dance
    Whether it’s at a local hall or in your living room, kick off those heels and dance a little.
  9. Call Your Kids
    Kid’s love to party and they do not understand that New Year’s Eve isn’t for them.  Every year I’ve had to call my two cherubs and wish them Happy New Year.  It’s a great thing to do….and if they are asleep, well you’ve done your duty!
  10. Don’t Drink and Drive (or Smoke and Fly)
    We tend to overspend on food and drink and get cheap on the most important part of a party night.  Everyone’s safety!  Never ever get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.   You good decisions can save one or many lives.


Life’s a Blog Wishes All of My Readers

A Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

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