If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list then December 22, 2012 is a great time to embrace the opportunity to learn more about this fascinating wonder.

The AuroraMAX team, along with the University of Calgary and the Canadian Space Agency, will host their first ever #livetweet between 7pm and midnight on the 22nd of December.

This livetweet will allow enthusiasts to interact with the top aurora experts in Canada and ask about the magic behind the mystery: what do we really know about the Northern Lights? How do they form? Why so colourful? And why do they dance?

“The AuroraMAX project was developed to share the secrets of Nature’s greatest light show with the public, to use the unique appeal of the aurora to show people that “Science is beautiful” (our slogan). We hope that majesty of the Northern Lights will help spark an interest in the science behind the phenomenon, and encourage Canadians, especially young Canadians, to learn more.”, states Ruth Ann Chicoine,  the Canadian Space Agency’s national project manager for AuroraMAX

The Canadian Space Agency has given itself an objective to encourage young minds to pursue careers in science and technology related fields. They have a very active Learning Program that works with schools across the country to provide curriculum-based learning products for this very reason.

The AuroraMAX website provides a vast amount information about the lights and a live camera feed from the AuroraMAX Observatory in Yellowknife, NWT.   Launched in 2010, AuroraMAX website has had over 1 million visits and over 2.1 million page views in its first year.

To follow the Q&A based livetweet #AuroraMAX, Life’s a Blog recommends tweetchat.com.

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