I went to see a psychic today.   I haven’t been to one in about four years but I was invited to this party and decided what the hell!  I look at it as fun.

The woman was a tarot card reader who generally tells you what’s happening now opposed to what’s going to happen in the future.

One thing she did tell me was that I need to take down the wall.   Immediately, I felt like she jumped right inside of me and felt the huge towering brick wall that I’ve built around me.  Sure, I’m kind, socialable and funny, but there’s a wall that is completely inhibiting me from being all that I can be.

Does anyone else feel that they have a wall around them?  Is it stopping you from living to your potential?  Is it preventing you from keeping good people in your life?

If you’ve answerd yes to all three, welcome to my world.  I’m hoping this journey of mind, body and soul will also assist me in tearing down this wall once and for all!

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