Yes, I am an auto enthusiast and thanks to Ford, I was one of the 149 bloggers who attended the North American International Auto Show in Detroit Michigan.

You may ask why I am an auto enthusiast even though I never post about cars, motors, or new trends, well let me explain.

I am a traveller – I am one of those people whose preferred transportation is by car.  Planes are too stressful and trains are too long.  I love the comfort of my vehicle.  Most importantly, I can stop and go anytime I want.

I am a Mom – I know what type of vehicle is required to successfully run a family.  I know that I need a required amount of space in order to successfully plan one trip to the grocery store, TSC for salt, and sometimes an impromptu trip to Walmart and Costco.  I like my time with my family and I don’t want a car that doesn’t suit my lifestyle.

I am Green – I know what I want in a vehicle to save the earth.  I travel by car a lot, therefore, I do my research ahead of time on green vehicles.

I am a Business Woman – I am a sales and marketing consultant for a medium sized company that requires a lot of time on the road.  I also travel a lot for my blog.  I know what I need in my car to keep me safe and happy.  I know that I like my stereo loud but my gadgets limited and focused on Bluetooth technology.

I’m an auto enthusiast even though I’m  not looking at Porsche or Lamborghini as an auto option. However, I’m certainly a superb choice to go to the North American International Auto Show and witness the release of the 2013 Ford Fusion.  The choice is simple, this car is meant for every green traveler, mother, and business person.

The event was wonderful and over the next few days, I will be posting pictures and information.  But for now….I leave you with this.

I really appreciated being invited to this event.  It was an honor.  I have many opinions on all vehicles and I’m not sure if I’ll be buying a Ford or another vehicle in the next four years.  This was not a requirement to attend.

Attending these events allows me to share the information I received to my readers.  The availability to bestow information to allow you to decide.

I will tell you one thing.  When a brand invites you to an event and treats you like a queen, you talk about it.  It impresses me and it impresses my readers.  So if great hospitality brings them business then kudos to Ford!  I am a business women and my mission is to try to be as hospitable to my potential clients as Ford was to me, their next potential client.


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