This is the sauna that the ladies lent to me to assist with my health and wellness goals!

I’ve had a business relationship with Great Saunas, a sauna manufacturer/supplier, for about a year now.  They sell traditional and Infrared Saunas from their showroom in Waterloo Ontario.    Being a fitness guru (the kind who gets a fitness membership and doesn’t go), I’ve been in several cedar saunas in my life.  To be honest, I was never patient enough to enjoy the benefits of it.

That was until 2012!

About a month ago, I explained to the team at Great Saunas that I was on a mission to lose weight, quit smoking, and take part in the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heat in June 2012.

The manager, Rosanne Brown and her Operations Manager, Niki Bailey, were quick to provide a loaner infrared sauna to assist in my health and wellness goals.

They arranged delivery of my two-person sauna and on December 16th, the delivery guys delivered it and were quick in putting it together.  Initially, I was reluctant to accept such a kind gesture but seeing how easy it was assembled, I felt a little more at ease.

I paid little attention to it over the holidays but committed myself to getting my act together on New Year’s Day.   I’ve spent every night in it since.  Having a loud family and my parents visiting, this sauna is my refuge for peace and solitude. It is almost sound proof (for me anyway) but you can choose to have music from a stereo or ipod playing.

My complexion hasn’t been better.  My skin is silky smooth and those nasty little white heads on my chin are almost gone!  Yes, I love it.

There is also chromotherapy lighting which is said to assist in physical and emotional well being.  I’ll get into that after I research it a little as every colour assists in different ways.  Right now, it’s a very cool feature that makes me feel at peace.

Besides the infrared making me feel utterly wonderful, all I can say is that I’m blessed to have friends who are willing to support me in my journey.  I seen a twitter message today that completely reminded me of myself.

In “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” Lillian Roth wrote she was powerless to change her miserable life till she learned 3 words: “I need help”

We can all benefit from the good will of others who honestly want to cheer for us and see us obtain our goals.  The hardest part is to be willing to accept that help!

Thanks Great Saunas!

Oh yes, and don’t forget to join myself, Great Saunas, Laurel Crossley-Byer and Marietta Snetsinger at the Circle of Me event on January 17,2012!   It’s sure to be a great afternoon!

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