On February 28th, backstage at the Kitchener Auditorium, I had the opportunity to talk to the next big thing in Canada; My name is Kay! Kay is a super energetic person with an amazing and sweet personality! Kay is touring with Hedley ,Classified and Karl Wolf at the moment and they were preparing for their Kitchener performance when we arrived.

In the past My Name is Kay has toured with LMFAO and Far East movement! This Canadian girl, from Cape Breton, is going places!

With her manager, a friend and her DJ by her side, she informed me that she was elated that her new EP was just released moments before our arrival. I highly recommend keeping your eyes on the very spunky and very down to earth Kay, while she continues growing as an artist!!
This is my interview with MY NAME IS KAY –
Q:Hello.. How are you?
A:Hello! I am good, I am really good! I am still waking up so my energy is about 50% here right now
Q: why did you want to become part of the music industry
A:I wanted to do music since I was a little kid, like ever since I could talk, it’s something I always wanted to do! I’ve been trying! It was litteraly my dream and nobody else.  It was something I wanted to do! Something I always knew!
Q:As a teenager did you see yourself doing what you are doing now?
A: Yes,For sure! I defianly visuilized and had an Idea in my head what it would be like and of course there’s all these like highs and lows and you catch yourself and realize “Wait a minute this isn’t that easy”
Q:What were you like in high school?
A: Pretty much the same, but hopefully I’ve matured a bit since then. I always had a lot of energy! That was always a comment on my report card “Kay talks a lot, ALOT” and I did a lot of drama! I always loved that!
My nick name was spazz so im pretty sure I was kinda crazy – spazz was one of my many nicknames but yeah a lot of energy and very into drama class! (note the “Oh no you didn’t” type of drama but more of the “Here ye’ here ye’)
Q: What is it like Touring with Hedley, Classified and Karl Wolf!?
A: Its been awesome! I was really nervous because I was the only girl on the tour, I wasn’t sure if they were going to like me or if they were going to be like “Oh she’s in the way because she’s a chick were having dude time” But I share a bus with Classified, and that’s going amazing! We are both east coasters, so right away we got along and the Hedley guys are SOO nice! I was so nervous I was like ” Oh god please like me!” but everyone has been really, really nice and respectful to me. So, I was nervous about I felt like I was going to be in the way but I feel very comfortable
Q:Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
A: I want to continue doing music and I hope in the next 5 years to release this album and hopefully another one! I am happy even going this far and hopefully I continue to grow as an artist!
Q:What advice would you give to anyone who wants to get into the music industry?
A:No matter what you don’t need to be the best! Don’t compare yourself to others and mostly believe in yourself! Keep going no matter what!My-Name-is-Kay
Q: Are you going to the Junos?
A: Before I went to interview Kay, I had talked to her DJ And he sort of answered it! :
DJ Answer: Everything comes like a surprise, so I am not sure
Q:What was it like partying with the boys from LMFAO?
A: it was exactly what you think it would be it was complete pandemonium and they are SO crazy! A Lot of drinking they force funnel of alcohol on you! My whole trick when I go out is if someone gives me a shot I just throw it over my shoulder but they had a funnel and you CAN’T Fake a funnel because they are watching you! Those guys are crazy I don’t know how they keep it up! Every single night it was like woah! But I can say they work EXTREMLY HARD! It’s not all fun and games for them! They literally are the life of the party when they come into the room it was like everyone gets so much happier!
My comment – They are always the song of the party too!
Q:Where are you from?
A:I am from Cape Breton Nova Scotia!
Q: Do you play any instruments?
A:I do, I play the piano! I am not classically trained but I know enough to get by!
Q: Who in the music industry inspired you the most?
A:Oww, It varies from times to time, I go through fazes.  It’s like you get hooked on a new album or type of thing.
As of now I am really inspired by Katy Perry and her whole story that she’s been through. Being dropped 3 times from labels, her story is something everyone can relate to she kept going it’s a huge motivator that no matter what happens 10 doors can close but 1 amazing door will open!
Q:How would you describe yourself?
A:I would say I am someone with a lot of energy and very spunky!
Q:Who would you want to tour with in the future?
A: I heard Nelly Furtado is going back on tour, I would love to tour with her, because I’ve idolized her since Woah Nelly. I always felt like I related to her as a women and she is a really smart talented person and I would really love to tour with her!
Q:What is the coolest experience you’ve had on tour or just in the last few years?
A:Just getting to meet people. I wasn’t very sure when I started the tour because we had only released one song! I thought because I was opening, people wouldn’t care. People have been so nice to me and my fans are amazing!
Q: Have you ever been star struck?
A:Yes! Yes, when I had my first meeting at a records label in Los Angeles, Diddy (puff daddy, Shawn john P.diddy) came into the room and interrupted the meeting. It completely threw me off track for the rest of the meeting! Only in Los Angeles do weird things like that happen!
Q: Before you go on stage do you have a ritual?
A: I do, I am very superstitious and every time I go on stage I do the same thing. I always eat black licorice because apparently it’s good for your voice.  At least that’s what my vocal coach told me. I don’t know if it actually works or not but in my mind it does.
I take a couple sips of Hennessy, not to get drunk but it opens up your ventricular and I put ALOT of lip gloss on! I don’t know if it’s a nerves thing but I am like ” Here we go, we’re going on stage”!
Q:When you were a teenager, who did you find inspiring?
A:I would say, Aqua! I thought she was so pretty and so cute! I thought their songs were funny and had a great sense of humor. Also Gwen Stefani! She was such a good girl and she was rolled with all dudes. She is so smart and as a girl hanging out with all guys all the time, it’s really cool seeing someone else going through this situation! It’s so cool!
Q:I love your blog, it’s a great way for fans to get to know the real you! Why did you do the blog type thing and not the whole music scene kind of site, where you hear your music and see a whole bunch of pictures of you?
A: I just want to show people that this is me! I don’t have a team of twenty behind me! I want to show my fans who I am and with my blog, I want them to see that this is me every day and get to know me. This is my personality and these are the things I like! I also want to show my fans that they can do this too! I do the blog on my own.
Q: You just released your new EP Today, how excited are you?
A:Yes, I am excited! It’s surprising! It’s a dream come true! I never thought it was going to happen! It’s funny though you think you would know how you feel like when you release it but it doesn’t feel real! It’s so awesome
Q: Do you have any tattoos?
A:Yes, I do I have some that I love and some that I don’t!  I have sister wrote in Gaelic! Me and my sister just got it done because we both grew up singing gaelic music. So I thought it would be cool if we both have something personal together and every time I sing I can see it! She was always there for me, even when I was 15,16 and even now! She a big believer of whatever you want to do you can do it! Sometimes people grow up and they forget it!
Q: Are you surprised you made it this far into your career?
A:I think Yeah. I mean I used to dream about it all the time when I was a kid, me being on stage, and all the same kind of stuff. It’s like now knowing what I had to do to be here, I would make my 5-year-old self very happy! I still can’t believe this is real! This is huge and I need to celebrate all these little things!

I just want to thank Kay again for giving me the time to interview her! The interview was also video recorded and soon will be on YouTube!

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