It’s funny how important one’s page rank is in the world of blogging.  I can understand the philosophy from a business perspective.  However, when I’m doing advertising research, for business, there’s one component that will never be shared from newspapers, magazines, and online advertisers; Analytics. Sure they will give it to you on company letterhead, but never an actual screen shot.

So I did some research on my own based on the most recent newspapers and magazines that I inquired about.  I also included one of my favorite bloggers, Tales of a Ranting Ginger, to give a fair comparative blogger to blogger.  PS. She rocks and you should consider advertising on her site.

Life’s a Blog vs. The Big Players

Website Page Rank Alexa Traffic Rank
Life’s a Blog (my blog) 2/10 1,311,077
Tales of a Ranting Ginger (Blogger) 3/10 185,137
Homes and Cottages Magazine 4/10 3,449,465
Home Builder Canada 5/10 5,534,896
Grand Magazine 6/10 6,746,772
London Free Press 7/10 30,714


As you will notice, the London Free Press in London, Ontario by far exceeds any magazine that I posted.  Being a centralized newspaper it is amazing the branding opportunities one can hone by advertising with them online.

Next, in Alexa Traffic Scores, is my Gingermommy, whose rankings blow Homebuilder, Homes and Cottages, and Grand Magazine out of the park.   What makes me curious is why their page rank is higher, if their traffic is less?  Why do I rate higher than them in Traffic Score but they blow me out of the park page rank as well?  There appears to be inconsistencies.

I’d love to dive into their analytic s because for a newbie like myself, is there an answer as to why a blogger’s rank is higher and the cost of advertising is 10 – 20 times less?

Maybe I’m just not getting it but I still say the road less traveled is a chance worth taking.  I know my value despite my page rank and Alexa Score.  I’m a marketing consultant, speaker, mom, and a friend….I get around on and offline.

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