Bear with me here.  I’m having a little argument with my brain over what I should be and who I am….

I’ve heard the term “Excellence is Value” over and over lately.  In fact, so much that I was offered an opportunity to have image and presentation lessons!  It has become apparent that I don’t fit the mold.

I’ve been in business since my late twenties.  I’ve never changed. I can guarantee that most of the people I run into from my past respect me for my knowledge, honesty and transparency.  This is clearly the first time where judgement has come knocking at my door!

I have mentors.  Mentors would are far more successful by being transparent and honest without the aura of “excellence” but by showing a clear knowledge of their craft that allows them to be leaders in the industry.

Remember the term, show me something perfect and I’ll show you the flaw.  Well I’ve always lived with that mind-set.  When speaking with egotistical people, who think that their thoughts and business ideas are far more valuable than your own, they use the grin and nod in hopes that you’ll buy it.   Doesn’t wash with me.

There is no such thing as excellence in an organization.  I would say harmony is a far greater aspiration.

When watching an orchestra play, only the conductor can detect the minor flaws in a performance.  Whether the cello is off a half note, or the clarinet slightly out of tune….the audience walks away with excellence in mind because the group played in harmoniously.   Again, the conductor anticipates excellence while even he knows, excellence will never be achieved.

Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should try to be the best that they can be.   I think everyone should strive to find their greatness in life.  I think me being overweight is a cause of something greater that I can’t put my finger on. However, I feel that the cause is slowly being discovered based on the time I’m putting in to rediscover myself.

Yes, I want to be excellent!  Yes, I want to be the best that I can be….but on my own term’s.  I dislike many things about me, but I’m so very proud of the business woman I have become.

I’m a little taken aback I have to admit.  I see flaws all over the place in this little world that I live in.  I think another quote is also relevant in this situation and it’s somewhat red-neck (a trait I possess as well).  ”Please sweep off your doorstep, before you consider coming over and commenting on mine!”

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