Today I stumbled upon a video. A video of a Christian girl who thinks god shook Japan to wake the atheist up.

What I’ve read about God and the Bible is how he loves everyone and they are his children. It also states how he loves us all equally and such. (Bible sites, probably different religions but whatever)

This girl goes on and on how God was so wonderful for waking Japan up and killing alot of people and hurting them. Well she never really said killing or hurting but that what she was pretty much saying how proud she was of God.

What I got out of this video and the research I’ve done is that this girl is pretty much saying God is abusive if you are not Christian or some sort of religion.

I Believe in a higher power.
But when it came to Japan I never imagined in my whole life that any God would do something to this place he created.

I am just so upset to see that there are people in this world like her.

Check this video out…

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